About Us

Hello and Welcome to www.fahadul.com. At fahadul.com you will find 3 types of content.

  • Educational
  • Job-related
  • And Emergency Information that everyone needs to know.

Educational: You will find any educational information from primary level to university level at www.fahadul.com. If you look at our category, you will get a clear idea about this.

Job: www.fahadul.com publishes all government job notices. Various private job notices are also published. However, in the case of private job notice, it is published on our site only if the number of vacancies is 10 or more.

Emergency Information: Any important information that we as citizens of Bangladesh need to know will be available on our website. For example, important notice about Covid-19 which all Bangladeshis need to know.

But how accurate is the information published on our website?

We invite you to verify and review the content of www.fahadul.com. We can say with confidence that you will find accurate information at www.fahadul.com.

If you want to contact us, please visit our Contact Us page.

Thank you.